Hi, I’m Yoni.

People say I’m good at message conveyance, persuasion, and inter-personal communication.

Then again, people say a lot of things.

If you need to convey a persuasive message, give a kick-ass presentation, or an inspiring public address,

you can contact me (or not. It’s really up to you).

To be fair, I can likely upgrade your communication skills (interpersonal and organizational),

presentations, message conveyance and buy-in. You know, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Why specifically me? How am I different than the Gazillion “public speaking” coaches?

Simple, I’m not a public-speaking coach.

I provide the whole package: Content (Find & Phrase the message), Style (Deliver the message) and engagement and buy-in (Overcome resistance). “Public speaking” is but one, optional item on the list.

In addition:

All of my of methods are unique and 100% self-developed, and universally-applicable. They emphasize practicality and usability – you can apply them successfully tomorrow. I’ve worked with the biggest F500 companies in the world in addition to prominent world leaders in 3 continents.

Modesty aside for just one second (sorry!) – I genuinely know what I’m doing, and I can probably be
of benefit to you.